Taking Part in research at Manchester CRF

Research changes lives, but vital research can only happen thanks to people, of all ages, who volunteer for studies. Whether you are living with a condition or simply want to make a difference for others, you can help.

Public participation in research at Manchester CRF, from people just like you, has helped provide valuable knowledge to help people live healthier and better lives now and in the future.

This research helps improve health and social care provided by the NHS and others.  It also helps advance medicine to find new cures and better treatments for future generations. This treatment could be a medicine, a vaccine, surgery, radiotherapy, physical and psychological therapies and methods of diagnosing disease.

Why research is important

Every minute in the UK, someone is diagnosed with a disease or a condition. The treatment and support they will receive will, at some point, have been informed by research.

Why should I get involved in research at Manchester CRF?

You might want to get involved in research to:

  • learn more about a condition that affects you
  • make a difference, by helping to improve treatments and quality of life, now and for future generations
  • support medical research for a particular condition or disease that you care about
  • access new treatments
  • take an active role in your own care

Research at Manchester CRF

Research at Manchester CRF covers a wide variety of clinical areas including; oncology (cancer studies), respiratory studies (asthma, COPD, cystic fibrosis), and paediatric (children’s) including genetics and rare diseases.

Depending on the type of research you are taking part in, your study will take place at one of our six facilities across Greater Manchester. Click on the facility name below to find out more, including what will happen on your visit, and directions and car park information.

Be Vocal about Research

There are many opportunities to support Manchester CRF’s research. Whether it’s learning more about it or suggesting topics, there are lots of ways you can help to improve and shape health and care across the country.

Our research benefits from the knowledge, views and experiences of people and patients. We involve patients and people in our work to improve the quality of our research, to ensure we meet everyone’s needs and focus on issues that matter to you.