Research, an opportunity not to be missed – A blog by Dr Shiva Pandey

Author: Dr Shiva Pandey

In his blog Dr Shiva Pandey shares why he is encouraging other junior doctors to consider research as an opportunity not to be missed.

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International Nurses Day 2022 – My journey to becoming a Clinical Research Nurse, by Joshi Prabhu

On International Nurses Day 2022, Clinical Research Nurse Joshi Prabhu shares her nursing journey and why she’s passionate about research.

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Trials carried out at MFT show drug eases symptoms of chronic cough

The results of the world’s first Phase 3 trials, of a new drug Gefapixant, show that it can ease the often distressing symptoms of chronic cough, with minimal side effects.

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New funding boost for delivery of early stage clinical research across Greater Manchester

The MFT-hosted NIHR Manchester Clinical Research Facility (MCRF) has received a £15.5 million award, widening opportunities for people across Greater Manchester to participate in research.

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Why, as a new Clinical Research Nurse, I am encouraging student nurses to follow a path into research

In her blog Gabby Addison shares her student nurse experiences at the NIHR Manchester Clinical Research Facility, and how she is proud to be back as a Clinical Research Nurse.

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Early data for multivariant COVID-19 vaccine booster shows promise

The first results of an early trial of a multivariant COVID-19 vaccine booster, launched in Manchester in September 2021, has shown it is driving a comprehensive immune response.

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Manchester researchers and patients contribute to study showing people with long COVID after hospitalisation face limited recovery after one year

People who were hospitalised with COVID-19 and continued to experience symptoms at five months show limited further recovery one year after hospital discharge, according to latest research.


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